Silverfish arent just a problem that we experience in the Southeast; they are common all over of the United States. Silverfish are known for their silvery scales and leave feeding marks such as holes, notches along edges or surface etchings.

Silverfish prefer to hide during the day in tight cracks or crevices in any room in the house. Although they can survive weeks without food or water they will travel some distance for a source of food. Once they find a food source they tend to stay near it.

The key to controlling silverfish is identification. Find out where they are coming from or what they are attracted to. Once infestation is found, selection of appropriate pesticide and formulation are key to getting rid of these pests. Since they like damp, musty areas, regular vaccuming and dustingcan behelpful. Treatment outside the home (mulch beds, under shingles) and inside the home (bookshelf crevices) are necessary to control the infestation.

Northwest Exterminating offers a GREEN solution for your pest control needs, including silverfish. Call us today if you have any questions about silverfish or any other pest or termite needs.

Source: NPCA: Field Guide to Structural Pests

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