At Northwest Exterminating, we are the leaders in GREEN pest control.  We want to be sure that your home is treated with the most up-to-date kid and pet friendly pest control that is available.  We recently invited you to ASK THE EXPERT.  Below is a question we got from one curious Northwest customer:

Northwest Customer:
Thank-you. I would like to see the ingredients that are in the product used on the home’s interior due to breathing issues of the people and creatures who live here.  Ingredients for the exterior would be great as well. 

Northwest Expert:
Hi, Thank you for the question. It’s important to be cautious about materials being used inside especially when a person claims “Green” practices. The products used in our industry have 2 different components: an active ingredient and an inert. The inerts often are propellants, or materials used as carrying agents for the active ingredient.  Why this is important to you is the actual amount of product you may be exposed to may only be a percentage of the applied material. So for example, a product mixed in water may have an applied amount of 4 ounces of finished material delivered to the application site, part of a gallon of mixed material. To obtain that mixed gallon a person would mix an ounce of ingredient to 127 ounces of water. That 1 ounce of material would have maybe 5 -10 drops of active chemical, the rest being mixers and stabilizers. In our example of 4 ounces of applied material the active may only be .33 drops, spread over an entire structure. I say all that to demonstrate that even with a traditional approach very little material may be involved, and to give you an idea of the safety factor that goes into even our traditional approach.

When using Green products we use Diatomaceous earth in a powder form, Essential oils such as Eugenol, Geraniol, Clove, and Thyme, Natural Pyrethrum, and sometimes a boric acid compound for specific insects.

Hope this helps,
Jerry Hatch.   

We hope this helps you to understand a little bit about what makes NorPest GreenGreen.  If you have any questions for our expert…email him at [email protected]

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