What is that moth-looking thing doing around my pantry?

We’ve gotten this question quite a bit lately!  People have been finding moths around their food cabinets or pantries.  In most cases, it has been the Indian Meal Moth.  These moths are not big fans of the Atkins diet considering that they feed on carb loaded foods such as grains, cereals, breads and pastas.  Although, they have been known to feed on other types of foods…the ones listed above are what they are generally after. 

Those webs that you see around your home may not just be spiders.  The Indian Meal Moth can also spin a web where they leave their larvae to be hatched.  Be sure to vacuum any webs and immediately empty the vacuum bag into a secure trash bag to be taken away by your trash company.  Also, make sure to throw out any food that may have been infested. 

Call Northwest Exterminating today if you need help controlling Indian Meal Moths or other pests!

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