It’s no coincidence that we often get calls regarding the German cockroach.  If you have ever lived in an apartment or rented a home, you have likely encountered the German cockroach. It is the most common cockroach found in homes, apartments, and restaurants. Not only will these big roaches make your skin crawl but they have also been known to spread illnesses.  It’s no wonder that the Germans do not like to claim this particular cockroach – in Germany, it is called the French cockroach.

German cockroaches will live anywhere that humans have built a heated structure.  These roaches are most often found in secluded areas of the kitchen behind or under appliances, in cracks and crevices, behind and under cabinets, around plumbing, and backs of drawer wells.  Since the German cockroach is attracted to warm areas, it has been known to infest around appliance motors such as the refrigerator or dishwasher.

As stated before, German cockroaches have been known to spread illnesses.  They spread illnesses by invading your home and leaving fecal matter and other debris around your food and in areas where food is stored or prepared.  German cockroaches can enter the home through boxes that have been shipped from one place to another.  They reproduce at a high rate, producing 30-48 eggs at a time and can generate 3-4 egg cases in a lifetime.   A German cockroach life cycle is completed in only 30-45 days.

With such high reproduction, it can be difficult to get rid of German cockroaches because they infest so many areas, so quickly.  Your best bet to eliminate German cockroaches from your home is to contact a professional pest control company, such as Northwest Exterminating. Trained exterminators know where to look for harborage sites and what products to apply to achieve fast and effective results. It is much easier to eliminate a German cockroach problem when it is newly established and small, rather than when the population has time to build.

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