It seems that every year we have more yellow jacket nests that are not ground nests but are up under siding or behind brick, etc.  In the past most of us would dust, foam it or use something else along those lines.  Adam Vannest, Northwest Exterminating’s Monroe Service Center Manager, has recently been using a new approach that has been very successful in eliminating those hard to reach/access nests.  Not only is this a new approach, but it is also a green option to control yellow jackets.  If nothing else, it’s one heck of a show.

Next time you have a yellow jacket nest in a wall void or behind siding use a rat glue tray to block the entry for a second just long enough to snag one yellow jacket.  Then, leave the glue board as close as possible to the entry point.  As each yellow jacket gets stuck he stings the glue board and sends off the pheromone for reinforcements.  As each yellow jacket comes and gets stuck and stings, it multiples the scent.  Leave the trays for a little while until you see no more activity.  The remaining larvae will die, and the nest will dry out. 

This treatment is not only highly effective but entertaining as well!  We guarantee a good show!

a picture of yellow jackets stuck to glue boards
A recent photograph showing yellow jackets stuck to glue boards

Caution: Wear protective clothing or bee suit when placing glue boards.  For maximum safety, call the experts at Northwest Exterminating to control yellow jackets.

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