bed bugThe bedbug infestation has been a biting issue in the news recently.  Not only has the infestation hit homes but there are also reports of exterminating companies that have claimed to be able to get rid of the bugs but just take your money instead.  This is another reason why it is important to hire a reputable pest control company, like Northwest Exterminating.  Make sure that you research your pest control company by getting referrals, visiting the BBB, or other service review websites.

With all of the above being said, it is best to be proactive in preventing bedbugs from coming into your home.  Here are some tips that can save you the horror of finding bedbugs in your home and the hassle of hiring a pest control company:

  • Inspect all used furniture before you purchase and bring into your home.  For tips on how to inspect for bedbugs click HERE
  • Make any repairs where bedbugs could hide.  Look for cracks in plaster, loose wallpaper, loose lights or fixtures, and gaps in baseboards or shelving.
  • When traveling, always use a luggage rack instead of putting luggage on the bed or floor.
  • When traveling, inspect the mattress and headboard before getting into the bed.
  • Upon returning from traveling, unpack luggage directly into a washing machine.
  • Wash and dry any clothing you may suspect has bedbug debris.  The heat from the dryer will kill the bugs.
  • Inspect and vacuum out luggage before storing away.
  • Empty vacuum in a tightly sealed bag and immediately discard outside.

For more information on bedbugs, click HERE.

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