We’ve talked about the fly problem that we’ve had in metro Atlanta recently (Facts on Flies) and thought it would be a great time to go over some tips of how to keep the flies away from your home.  Check out our tips below:

  • Date everything in the refrigerator and clean out on a weekly basis. Fly eggs can be found in foods, especially salad types, bought in a restaurant and stored as leftovers.
  • Never put bleach down a drain.
  • If the flies are coming in from a dry drain, add water. To prevent evaporation, add vegetable oil in the drain, it will sit on top of the water and form a coating.
  • Wipe and clean kitchen area daily.  Put dish towels in a covered container when done.
  • If shoes are left in a food service area, make sure to clean the bottoms of the shoes daily.
  • Most of the small flies stay close to their originating site.  Look early in the morning where the flies are hanging out…within a few feet will be the source.
  • Biological (bacterial) cleaners or remediation works very well and can extend the life of mops used in its application.
  • Keep a calendar of fly activity.  Fly infestations tend to run on a specific cycle.
  • Call your local pest control company.  A company such as Northwest Exterminating can identify the source of your problem and come up with a customized solution.


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