Fall is notorious for bringing rodents into the home.  Here are 10 helpful tips on how to make sure your home is not attractive to rodents:

  1. Minimize the amount of standing water around your property.
  2. Keep all pet food in air tight, closed containers.
  3. If you feed your pets outside, take the food and water in at night.
  4. Clean up the area around your bird feeders.  Bird seed debris left on the ground will attract hungry rodents.
  5. Make sure to keep the vegetation around your home trimmed and cut away from the exterior of the home.
  6. Keep your garage door closed whenever possible.
  7. Make sure to replace any worn or damaged weather stripping around doors.
  8. Make sure to seal up around any plumbing or electrical entry points.
  9. Compost areas should be enclosed and in bins whenever possible.
  10. If you are experiencing a rodent infestation call a Northwest Exterminating professional for additional help!


Adam Vannest
Monroe Service Center Manager
Northwest Exterminating
[email protected]

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