Ants in the home are a common problem this time of year.  NorPest Green from Northwest Exterminating is a green solution to this common pest control problem.  For more information on how NorPest Green can eliminate your pest problem, visit us ONLINE or call us at 888.466.7849.

Here are some unique facts on ants that you probably didn’t know:

  • Ants stay awake their whole life.
  • Ants move their jaws sideways to chew their food.
  • One single ant colony can house half a million ants.
  • Certain honey pot ants become a colony’s warehouse.  Their bloated abdomen produces a liquid food that serves as food to other individuals in the colony.
  • A fire ants sting is worse than a hornet’s sting.
  • A fire ant grows as big as a grain of rice.

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