Happy Halloween!!!  Tonight, you expect to see vampires, ghosts and goblins around your neighborhood but it’s the bedbugs, spiders and other pests that will be giving you nightmares!  Bedbugs, spiders and other pests are still on the rise this season!  As temperatures begin to cool, pests are looking for a warm place to take up residency.  Unfortunately for you, they are looking in your home.

Certain pests, such as bedbugs, have a scary resemblance to those Halloween characters you will be seeing out and about tonight.  Bedbugs are similar to vampires in the sense that they are both nocturnal, bloodsucking creatures.  Lucky for us, when bitten by a bedbug we do not turn into a bedbug the same way that vampires turn their prey into vampires.

A vast majority of rabies cases that are reported in the US are bat related.  Bats make wonderful Halloween decorations but you don’t want them hanging around your house (no pun intended)!!  Bats are a serious health risk and require in-depth control procedures.  If you have a bat problem, contact a pest professional instead of doing it yourself.

To keep spiders, mice, roaches, and other unwelcome creepy crawlers out of your home, keep all food and sweets stored in air tight containers.  Don’t let your kids leave their candy on the floor…this is an open invitation for pests.

Don’t let these pests be a nightmare in your home any longer!!!  Call Northwest Exterminating for your pest solutions!

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