Having TAP Insulation (or Energy Star Insulation) installed in your attic is a benefit to your home as well as yourself. When you have TAP installed, a Northwest Exterminating professional will check the current r-value (indicates an insulation’s resistance to heat flow) in your attic and let you know how much TAP Insulation will be needed to bring your home to the Department of Energy’s standards.  The Department of Energy recommends an r-value of 49 with a minimum of 30.  Once you have been notified how much insulation you will need, TAP insulation will be added to the current insulation in your attic.

Attics are known to be housing for invaders like wildlife, rodents and pests.  Oftentimes, the attic insulation is damaged by these un-welcomed visitors by moving the insulation or contaminating it with their urine and fecal matter.  Northwest Exterminating will remove any contaminated insulation and replace it with TAP Insulation to rid your home of any health risk that contaminated insulation may cause.

TAP Insulation offers several benefits to the homeowner:

  • Immediate Return on Your Investment – Typical to see anywhere from 20-38% savings on your energy bills!
  • 10% Tax Credit in 2011 – Homeowners can claim a 10% tax credit (or up to $500) on the installation investment, if TAP is installed in 2011.
  • Permanent Pest Protection in Attic – Roaches, ants, and other pests like to nest in attics.  TAP Insulation controls these unwanted invaders.
  • Fire Safety – TAP is treated with a fire-retardant that forms a charred surface which, when burned, limits the spread of fire.
  • Year-round comfort – TAP allows you to keep more consistent temperatures throughout the seasons.
  • A Break for Your HVAC System – With proper insulation, your heating and cooling systems will not have to work as hard.
  • A GREEN Solution – Insulating your home with TAP saves landfill space and conserves energy used in your home.

Call Northwest Exterminating for the best insulation for your home!

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