Occasional invaders are a nuisance to homeowners.  They often invade homes in massive numbers and have the potential to contaminate our food and bite or sting which has the potential to cause allergic reactions.  Fall is prime time for occasional invaders to surround your home in great numbers.  By winter time they enter your home to avoid the cold winter.  If temperatures heat up briefly during the winter months, they will become more active inside your home.  Once spring returns they will venture outside of the home during the day and return at night to keep warm.  Once temperatures remain warmer, they will evacuate your home only to come back next fall.

Occasional invaders are attracted to artificial lights and windows.  Change any exterior lights to yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lamps.  Typical entry points are around doors, windows, light fixtures, and electrical outlets.  To control these pests, it is important to ensure that all holes are sealed, paying close attention to windows and doors being shut tightly.  The good news is that these pests do not mate while in your home.  They are simply there for shelter and don’t mate until the spring.  Frequent vacuuming is a good way to get rid of pests that may have found their way into the home.

If your home has been infested by occasional invaders it is best to call an exterminating company who will come out and inspect your home and create a detailed plan of action to solve your problem.

Some common occasional invaders include:

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