This time of year we often find ourselves battling large numbers of insects seeking to get away from the environmental issues of cold and wet weather. We often confuse these overwintering pests with the more traditional ones we encounter, considered occasional invaders, because of their marauding nature.   Occasional invaders are a catch-all group of pests that invade homes from time to time.  The horde of insects coming in now are considered overwintering pests and differ in a very specific way from those of the summer months because these don’t continue with their life cycle once indoors.  The typical occasional invader, such as earwigs or crickets, can continue with their life cycle and make life miserable for people. These come inside and enjoy the hospitality we provide, yet generally go into a sort of dormancy.

To reduce the occurrence of overwintering pests look to the following:

  • Reduce clutter around the outside of your home; this includes both debris and vegetation.
  • Make sure all areas around your home are well sealed.
  • Check attic spaces for pests, especially after prolonged periods of temperatures below 40 degrees.
  • Look in garages for signs of rodents.  Pay close attention to areas against or alongside interior walls.
  • Take up all dog or cat food and water bowls.
  • Check outdoor furniture and barbecues prior to bringing them inside.
  • In the event the pests make it in, simply vacuuming may be enough for small amounts of them.

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