This year, while packing up your holiday decorations, take some time to do a little pest control.  We all know that bugs like to hide in places like attics, basements and other storage areas, so take this opportunity to do some exterminating.  Before taking your boxes to their storage area, take a good look around.  Below are some tips on what to look for before you store away your holiday decorations:

  • Look for any openings that rodents or wildlife could use as an entrance.  If you find openings, make sure to have them tightly sealed.
  • Look for pest carcasses or droppings.  Pests are attracted to other pests so be sure that you vacuum up any debris that is found.
  • Standing water can be used as a water source for rodents and pests.  Be sure to remove any standing water and have the source of the water repaired.
  • Take note of any odd odors.  Foul odors can be a tell-tale sign of pests or other intruders.
  • Check any wood, wires, insulation or other items stored for gnawing or scratch marks.
  • Inspect your boxes.  Check your storage boxes for the above signs of pests.

If you see any of these signs while putting away decorations, be sure to contact your exterminator.  By being proactive, you can save yourself the hassle of a future infestation.  Remember, cleanliness is key to keeping bugs and other pests out of your home.

When do you put your decorations away?

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