The pests that we are used to seeing in the warmer months have seemed to go into hiding.  Your home seems to be clear of insects like ants, silverfish, and termites and you’re not swatting away at mosquitoes every time you walk out the door.  So…do you really need to continue your pest control throughout the winter?

The answer is YES!  Just because you don’t see these insects and rodents doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  This is the time for many to find a warm location, aka your home, to breed, feed and multiply.  By continuing your pest control throughout the winter months you are keeping them out of your home as well as making sure that you are one step ahead of these pests when the warmer weather comes around.

If you’re seeing pests in your home or you just want to stay ahead of the game call Northwest Exterminating or visit us online at

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