If the urban legend is true that ladybugs are good luck, then I’m…well, in luck!!!  And judging from the amount of calls coming in from our customers – chances are, so are you!

The Ladybird beetle, or ladybug as we fondly call it, is an overwintering insect pest. Ladybugs were originally imported to reduce aphids and other pests from plants as a means of biological control. They seek the shelter, as all overwintering pests do, of our structures as the weather gets cooler. Typically, they will come in through whatever openings they can access and spend the winter months in the walls or attics coming out when the time is right. Entomologists refer to this as diapause or a sort of insect hibernation. Any temps above 50 degrees or bright sunny days can cause them to become active during the colder months, causing homeowners to call their exterminating company about insects they didn’t know they had.

The best method of control is treatment to the outside of the home, as a preventive, and sealing all areas that pests may enter.  Secondary to an outside treatment would be to treat inside the home in areas such as accessible wall voids and spot applications to areas in basements and attics.

Have you been spotting ladybugs in your home?

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