Although you may be seeing bees buzzing around your home it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have an active bee hive in your area.  There is a good possibility that you are seeing scout bees.  The survival of a bee hive oftentimes depends on the scouting bee.  Bees need a constant supply of nectar and have to find a new place to go once their source is low.  This is where the scout bee comes in. Scouting bees are sent out to look for a new home for their hive and if you do not take action, your home could be their new home.

To most people, scout bees look just like other active bees but once you get a closer look, you are able to notice small differences in their behavior.  Scout bees usually scout an area for about 3 days before moving in or moving on.  If you see bees for 5 days or longer, there is a good chance that it is an active hive and not just a scout bee.  Scout bees tend to hover around an area rather than a steady stream of bees that are coming and going from the same area; that is typically an active hive.  Scout bees are not as aggressive as other bees since they are not protecting their hive.

It is better to treat for scouting bees rather than taking a chance of getting an active hive.  Bees can cause structural damage to your property as well as pose a safety risk.  It is always best to call a professional exterminating company for bee removal.  If you live in the Atlanta, Columbus, or Nashville area and are seeing bees, call Northwest Exterminating and we will come take a look to see if you are seeing scouting bees or an active hive.

Have you seen scouting bees near your home?

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