Rodents are mammals that are distinguished by a single pair of constantly growing teeth known as incisors in both their upper and lower jaws. These incisors are kept short by the constant gnawing that the animal does on wood, food, predators and unfortunately in and around homes. About 40% of mammals are classified as rodents, compromising the majority of these species. Common rodents include mice, rats, squirrels, porcupines, beavers, guinea pigs and even hamsters.  Contrary to popular belief bats, moles, and weasels, despite common associations, do not belong to the rodent family.

Many rodents have had an adverse effect on humankind. For instance, rodents cost billions of dollars in lost crops each year and some carry diseases such as bubonic plague, typhus and hantavirus. The best way to prevent human exposure to rodent disease is rodent control. This includes eliminating food sources such as open garbage bags, sealing entries to the home and trapping rodents in and around the home.

Northwest Exterminating’s Wildlife Team specializes in the exclusion, removal, and control of wildlife nuisances. A Wildlife Services Representative will inspect your business or property for evidence of wildlife and will determine the points of entry being used by these critters to access your building. A customized plan will be developed to get the immediate nuisance under control and to seal off any known points of entry. If you have more questions, please give us a call at 1-888-466-7849.


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