Not All DIY Pest Control Methods Are Effective

Thanks to the wonders of Google and Pinterest we can become experts, or at least knowledgeable, on just about anything these days.  Between YouTube videos and DIY blogs we’ve got a lot of information right at our fingertips without ever having to call a professional.  Pest control is no exception.

Although some DIY pest control methods are effective there are other times when it’s necessary to call in a pest control professional.  According to NPMA, “When a homeowner attempts to treat a pest problem on their own, they are often treating the ‘tip of the iceberg’, and not the root cause of the problem.  The pests you see might be eliminated, but a larger infestation can continue to grow out of sight. These infestations can pose significant health risks to your family and cause damage to your property.”

So when should you call in a pest professional?

The above situations can cause serious damage to property or put your health at risk.  By calling in the professionals they can properly identify and solve the issue and even help you with DIY tips to help avoid infestations in the future.

What DIY pest control methods have you tried that work?

Here’s a few DIY tips on our Pinterest board


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