How Green Is Your Pest Control?

With the shift towards environmental awareness in recent years, most pest control companies are doing their part by offering alternatives to traditional pest control applications. This can mean targeted product usage, Integrated Pest Management (IMP) techniques, GreenPro Certification from the National Pest Management Association, using organic or natural pest control products…and more. So how green is your pest control? Here’s what you need to know:

1. Does your pest control professional perform routine interior and exterior home inspections?

This step in critical in green pest control. Knowing where pests are getting in and the type of pest problem determines where and how much product should be used. It’s the first and most important step in the IPM process.

2. Does your pest control company provide ongoing pest prevention?

Prevention is also part of the IPM process. Once a property is inspected for pest infestations, threats, and damage, a plan should be implemented to get rid of current issues AND preventing future occurrences. This eliminates excessive product usage down the road.

3. How green are the products your pest control company is using?

Most exterminating companies today use IPM programs. Where companies differ the most is in the pesticides used. The perception of “green” products in the pest industry is not always a positive one. Lots of people and companies are still old school in their approach and prefer to use traditional products that have proven to be effective. But forward-thinking exterminators know that eco-friendly pest products are just as effective and give customers peace of mind. “Green” pest control products should be non-toxic to people and pets and derived from plants, flowers, or elements from the earth.

4. Is your pest control company GreenPro Certified?

GreenPro Certification from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is the largest and most credible green credential program for pest control companies. It’s earned by companies that are committed to environmental responsibility and operate under by the program’s standards. According to the NPMA, less than 1% of pest companies are GreenPro certified and Northwest is one them. You can find a list of GreenPro certified companies in your area here.

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