Technology is advancing at an incredible rate these days. Trendy gadgets are used for recreational purposes, and there are just as many new inventions for use in military settings. One piece of technology that has an overlapping use and interest is drones. There are model drones that people can fly for fun and take photos from the sky, the military uses them for many different purposes, and now science is finding a use for them as well.

Mosquitoes are an ongoing, annoying, potentially deadly pest. Scientists are working on developing a drone that will collect just mosquitoes which can then be tested for various diseases that are a threat to man and animal. The hope is to use the collected mosquitoes to test mosquito DNA for known and unknown viral diseases. The mosquito drones will be autonomous, collecting mosquitoes without the need for human control. The potential use of the knowledge from the testing is staggering, diseases can be prevented before they are ever an issue, including diseases we don’t know about yet.

We can only hope that this research can be developed and perfected quickly to aid us in our efforts to eliminate pests and ensure human health and safety.

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