Raccoons are cute, right? Sure they are…until they’re hanging out around your house, rummaging through your trash, spreading disease, and living (yes, living) in your home, usually in attics or walls. And because raccoons are most active at night, they can sometimes go unnoticed for quite awhile.
So, how do you know if you have a raccoon invasion? The most obvious sign is hearing noises at night. If a raccoon is inhabiting your attic, for example, you may hear its foot steps after dark while its on a mission to find food. Another good indication of a raccoon roommate is garbage. If you have trash cans around you home that are rummaged through or knocked over, it’s likely a raccoon is nearby. And while you may think these animals are harmless, they can cause serious damage to your home and are known carriers of rabies, which is a serious and often life-threatening disease if contracted by humans.
If you think raccoons are living in or around your home, call a professional exterminator that specializes in wildlife removal. It’s not advised to trap or remove a raccoon on your own if you’re not properly trained since they can become aggressive. To deter raccoons, don’t give them a steady food source. Use trash bins with lids that lock. And keep them out of your attic by removing access points around your home, like tall hedges or trees.
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