We are extremely excited to announce our 2018 Northwest Good Deed Ambassador of the Year, Missy Mallick. One of our Northwest teammates from our Savannah service center, Missy truly embodies the “Be Extraordinary” of the Northwest Way. Her dedication to serving the community has led her to head many of our Good Deed initiatives.

A key volunteer at the Willett Children’s Hospital, Missy has encouraged and championed her teammates to bring smiles to all of the children during their hospital stay. Missy was also the organizer for our original First Responder’s cookout in Savannah in 2017. The First Responder events have since been implemented in all our Northwest service centers, and the Savannah 2018 First Responder Cookout had over 500 first responders and veterans in attendance!

Missy’s kindness and ability to recognize the needs within her community extends beyond her work with the Good Deed Team. In her spare time, she volunteers as a caregiver support leader and is a public speaker and fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. She also volunteers as a disaster assessor in 8 counties for the American Red Cross and with training guide dogs for the Southeastern Guide Dogs in Tampa, Florida. With a true servant’s heart, Missy creates extraordinary experiences for all she meets.

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