From college students making their way home for summer to little ones heading off to summer camp and family vacations, this is the time when bed bugs thrive and look to take over your home by any means necessary. Follow these tips to keep your home protected from from a bed bug invasion:

  • When coming back home, leave bags in the garage/driveway, and take clothes to your laundry to be laundered on high heat immediately.
  • Avoid unpacking clothing items during your hotel stay. Pack a large trash bag and store your suitcase in it for the duration.
  • Before settling in, check pillows, mattresses, headboards, and box springs for signs of bed bugs. The most common, recognizable sign of bed bugs is small, rust colored spots.
  • Always check the Bed Bug Registry. This resource is a website dedicated documenting bed bug activity across the U.S. for hotels and other travel accommodations.

Bed bug infestations are no small concern as it takes a very intense treatment. If you return from traveling and find that you may have a bed bug infestation, call your licensed pest control company as soon as possible.

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