Northwest truly has some extraordinary teammates! Often times, we do not feel like we are recognizing them enough for all they do for their customers, their teammates, and Northwest. Each month, a teammate is chosen as the “Customer for Life” recipient by the reviews they receive, the feedback their managers and teammates have, and the extraordinary care they have given to their customers. Here are two teammates who have recently been awarded the “Customer for Life” Award and are extraordinary examples of living The Northwest Way!

Devon C. – Devon is a Service Professional from our Buford Service Center. When we asked how his teammates would describe him, they said, “Devon’s a self-starter, he is 100% about his customers, and he is dedicated!” Devon’s a well-known teammate by most at Northwest because he fills up a room with energy and truly puts his Customers First every day. He’s known for having customers who call him directly and have customers who treat him like family; we have even heard he has been invited to a wedding! Devon is one of a kind, and we are so glad to have him be a part of the Northwest Family and show us what it means to put Customers First.

Jessie C. – Jessie is a Service Professional from our Lanier Service Center. He is the kind of guy known for never cutting corners and getting the job done right! When we asked his teammates to describe him, they said, “Jessie is friendly, engaging, and always thorough! We’ve heard several customers praise Jesse because of his customer service and how much he cares.” Jessie cares for each of his customers and genuinely listens to any concerns so that he can better help the home and the family. Jessie is a teammate that everyone enjoys working with. The Northwest Family is grateful to have a teammate who shows us what it means to Do What Is Right daily.

Without the people who make up the Northwest Family, Northwest wouldn’t be Northwest. We are so thankful to have the teammates we do, that continue to move us forward and put our customers first!

If you have an extraordinary teammate story you would like to share with Northwest, please reach out to us.

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