This holiday season presented Northwest Exterminating with an unexpected Christmas miracle opportunity. Our teammates were asked to help a family that had recently lost everything in a house fire. With the holidays near, Christmas was far from the minds of the family with so much going on and with few ways to make it special for their children.

The Northwest Family was given ways to help and came together to collect items on the children’s wish list and to make a small difference to this family’s Christmas. The Northwest team loves to find ways to support the opportunities given to serve, but the true difference maker in this story is a teammate’s daughter. She heard of what Northwest was doing, saw the family we were supporting had a 15-year-old daughter her age, and granted each clothing item wish on her list.

Northwest Exterminating’s Co-Director of the Good Deed Team, Kristen Milligan, speaks value to this story, “This gives hope that the next generation has the compassion and willingness to help others that reflects our commitment to bringing the heart of Northwest into the communities that we live and work in. This kind of compassion is only taught by the actions and behavior they see around them, which is a true testament to our Northwest teammates and family.”

This family was able to have a Christmas miracle this year with gifts for everyone! We are so thankful WSB reached out to us on this opportunity to be difference makers for a family in the holiday season.

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