Termites are one of the most feared and difficult pests to get rid of. Every homeowner is weary of having termites as they can destroy your home from the ground up; but as the colder weather continues, many wonder if termites are even active right now?  

Unfortunately for many homeowners, termites are out right now, with some termite species active year-round! This means that even on the coldest day termites are active. Fortunately, during colder weather termites do tend to go deeper into the ground to find warmth. If they’ve already infested your home, however, they will continue their activity. Termites will search for food throughout your house with the potential of significant damage, costing thousands of dollars in repairs. It’s extremely important to understand and recognize the signs of termites to catch them early.

One sign of termite activity is crumbling wood. Crumbling wood is a major indicator that these pests are infesting your property. Termites will eat wood from the inside out, so if the wood in your house sounds hollow when tapped on, you could have termites. Likewise, seeing uneven or bubbling paint is a sign of moisture build-up. This means the potential for two scenarios: water damage, which can attract termites; or existing termites inside your home. An obvious sign that termites are roaming is the presence of discarded wings inside your house. You can often find these near windowsills and doors.  

Termite-proofing your house or property now can help prevent termites in the future. Take precautions with these tips:  

  • Ensure that all water and gas lines are sealed.  
  • Fix any leaky faucets or appliances and get rid of any standing water.  
  • Try to eliminate any cellulose material as this is a termite’s primary food source.  

If you suspect you have termites or are just ready to get prepared this year, reach out to your local pest control company who can set you up with a prevention and termite treatment plan. 

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