The Savannah team is at it again! Over the last few years, the Northwest team out of the Savannah, GA office has created an amazing relationship with the staff at the Willet Children’s Hospital. The team has focused the partnership to celebrate most holidays with the families and children staying within the hospital at this time.

Each year around the December holidays, the Savannah team reaches out to all of Northwest to collect decorations for the children’s rooms. From mini Christmas trees and lights to window clings and garland, Northwest comes together to purchase and donate these items to bring a bit of holiday cheer to the hospital. This year, the team donated 20 bags of decorations so that each family could decorate their rooms together. 20 window clings were also donated for the ICU rooms.

Because of COVID-19 restrictions, the team was unable to drop these off and assist with the decorations this year as they have in the past, but they were thrilled to still be able to continue the tradition is some way. In addition to the decorations, they also donated bins of candy for the nursing staff as a small way to say thank you to these frontline workers for all they do.

Being able to volunteer with and donate to the Willet Children’s Hospital has been such a gift to the Savannah team who truly enjoys anytime they’re able to come together to support the families and staff. We are thankful for all the Hospital does, and we look forward to continuing the partnership into 2021.

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