Piedmont Pest Control, soon to transition to the Northwest Exterminating name, continues to create ways for teammates to be involved in the Laurens’ community, something every teammate enjoys.

A connection the Laurens team created early on was with the local first responders and law enforcement, especially to say thank you for all they do daily for our community. Though 2020 has changed the way our teammates are able to serve locally, they have found ways to so safely and with the same service-oriented heart.

Supporting a Customer

Some of our teammates took a Saturday morning to help an elderly customer with yardwork they were unable to do. The lawn was mowed, tree limbs were cleared, the yard was picked up, and our team was able to honor and support our customer in this small way they were thankful to be a part of.

First Responder Cookout

Our Piedmont teams’ partnership with the Laurens first responders continued this month with another First Responder Lunch, but this time drive-by style! This was a fun day of celebration, involvement, and connecting with our first responders with a Chick-Fil-A lunch. We enjoyed having our police officers and firefighters come by to pick up lunch and for our team to express our appreciation for their service and commitment to our extraordinary community.

First Responder, K9 Partnership

The Laurens team is thankful for the overall involvement with our first responders and the incredible people met throughout the years. There have been some special times our Laurens’ team has been able to help one team, the K9s. Our Laurens office was able to host the Laurens Police Department K9 training dogs and use our office as training grounds for them. This might be the coolest thing our teammates have been able to participate in – it was incredible! One K9 stole the team’s hearts altogether, Kai. She is beautiful, energetic, and an honoree Laurens teammate. At 2019’s First Responder Cookout, our team sponsored a bullet proof vest for her to have. Thank you, Laurens PD, for allowing us to be of service to not only your team of first responders but also the K9s.

Being involved in the communities our teams live and work in daily is an honor and something our teammates enjoy, not only because of the small acts of kindness created, but also because of the opportunity to create even a small impact in the communities we love. Thank you to all our teammates for looking for ways to continue to be involved throughout a year that looks difficult for all.

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