The Buford Service Center has always remained active in their local community and other local Northwest service areas. Considering the type of year that 2020 was for many, the team came up with a unique idea that they’re hopeful will support customers, teammates, and their community alike going forward.

The team created a Food and Clothing Pantry that will house canned, nonperishable food items and gently used clothing.  These items will be available to donate to teammates or customers in need as well as to the local Food Bank.

The team created this Pantry with shelving units inside the Service Center so that it is easily accessible for all teammates to donate to when they have the opportunity. The goal is for these items to make a difference for those in need and always have something on hand to support.

The Buford team’s heart for others is always on display, and their in-office pantry idea is just another example of them wanting to be ready to serve others whenever they can. Thank you to the Buford team for always being an extraordinary example of how to keep our eyes open to serve.

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