By being in the people business, Northwest is always looking for ways to honor our customers. We put them first by honoring their time, health, investment, and most importantly, trust in us. Our Canton office recently demonstrated this when a teammate noticed a customer’s gutters; he brought what he noticed back to the office, getting everyone together to go out and clear this customer’s gutters as a team.

One of our customers had an issue with ants that our teammate Chad G. was helping treat. Chad noticed that the gutters were starting to overflow, and when he brought it to the customer’s attention, he learned that there was no one to help him keep up this part of his home. Since this customer is wheelchair bound, Chad saw this as an opportunity to show our customer how much we care about him. Shortly after, our team scheduled a time frame during the day for our group of Managers, Administration, and Service Professionals to go out and help.

All of our Canton team was happy to go out to support our customer. While this may seem like a small act of kindness, we were able to give this customer an extraordinary experience while giving back to them in a way that created an overall healthier living environment, always our mission for any home. We’re thankful for teammates like Chad and our Canton office, who, while it’s not part of their “job,” continue to keep their eyes open to serve the customer in a way that keeps them first!

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