While many of us deem squirrels as cute and cuddly, the moment they start to invade our homes, we soon lose that fondness for wanting them around. As the weather begins to cool down, these pests will look towards houses, specifically attics, to create a nest and keep warm. Once inside, squirrels can cause major damage, such as chewing on electrical wires, destroying insulation, and leaving behind their droppings and urine. Luckily, there are a few ways to deter these creatures from your house. Check out these squirrel control tips you can use at home.

Trees and limbs can give squirrels easy access to your roofline. To prevent squirrels from gaining access, make sure that your tree limbs are cut back and trimmed away from the roofline. By cutting these access points, it’s an easy way to keep them away from your attic, chimneys, and any open holes or gaps leading inside the house.

Cleaning up around your home can also help to prevent these squirrels from entering your property. Squirrels are omnivores, meaning they will eat both meat and plants, including fruits, nuts, and small insects. To prevent them from scavenging for food around your house, make sure to dispose of garbage regularly while always using a sealed container. If you have any fruit trees on your property, try to look out for any ripe fruit and dispose of or pick them promptly.

Getting rid of squirrels can be difficult, and it can often take a trained professional who has the expertise to help prevent and eliminate them. If utilizing preventative measures fails and squirrels have invaded your property, consider reaching out to your local wildlife control company where they can provide you with the most effective trapping and removal methods for these rodents.

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