Recently, our Newnan team helped make a difference and show their appreciation as they hosted a First Responder Cook Out at one of the Fayette County Fire Stations. The team provided burgers, chips, and drinks for about 50 first responders.

Northwest has been hosting First Responder Cookouts across the Southeast since 2017, an initiative we look forward to every year. We can host up to 20 in a year, serving each area’s local community as a thank you. The team was grateful to give the first responders around Fayette County an opportunity to relax and eat. We set up cornhole boards for everyone to play, and we were able to tour the fire station and learn about what they do every day.

Having the opportunity to host these cookouts for our first responders means so much to our teammates involved. It’s an honor to be able to show even a small amount of the appreciation we have for all they do for us daily. Our Newnan teammates enjoyed the opportunity to serve their local responders and to learn more about their responsibilities and daily lives. Thank you, Newnan team!

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