Supporting and showing appreciation to our Servicemen and women is extremely important to our Northwest Teammates. This past year, through a personal connection and drive to give back to her community, one of our Northwest Teammates, Sydney C., managed to create an ongoing partnership between Northwest and the Dobbins Air Force Base.

Throughout COVID-19 restrictions, Dobbins Air Force Base housed servicemen and women for a required 20-day quarantine. Once Sydney heard of the 20-day quarantine, with new quarantined members stationed each month, she immediately began to look for ways to give back.

Sydney, along with her Northwest Teammates and The Good Deed Team originally collected entertainment games and consoles, snacks, and personal hygiene items to donate to the quarantined men and women at the Base as a way to say thank you and offer a source of fun relief. After realizing there would be new service people there monthly, the team put together ‘Care Bags’ each month following December 2020. These bags contained everything from snacks, personal hygiene items, fun games, and more to occupy them during their time at Dobbins.

The heart of this project, Sydney, has showcased the true definition of what it is to have a Servant’s Heart. Her dedication to giving back and supporting her community led her husband, Chris, to secretly submit her for the 2020 Spouse of the Year by Dobbins! Unanimously chosen for the award by the panelists, she was surprised with a small ceremony in April.

Northwest could not be more grateful for teammates like Sydney; she kept her eyes open for ways to serve and appreciate others, letting the GDT know about the opportunity so that we could work together to bring this idea to life. Through this small act of kindness created an opportunity to continue the ‘Care Bag’ donations until mid-2021 and create an ongoing partnership with Dobbins Air Force Base going forward!

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