At Northwest, we believe that honoring our customers begins with honoring our teammates. Valued people desire to value others, so our teams are always stepping in to support one another. This is exactly why our Newnan team has made sure they focus on their own team, as well as their community.

Throughout this year, our Newnan team found that honoring a teammate of the month helped show how much they value and appreciate everything each of them does. However, they wanted to find even more ways to show their appreciation. This is when they had the idea to come together and start making sack lunches for their service professionals and include an uplifting note in each of them.

These lunches have been an enormous success and it has brought a lot of happiness around the entire office. Our service professionals enjoyed the appreciation, while those who made the lunches were happy to see their joy. While this may seem like a small gesture, it can completely turn someone’s day around.

When we think of supporting our community, we often immediately think of the amazing non-profits and businesses that make a difference. While Northwest appreciates and enjoys supporting many of these, it’s incredible to recognize and create the culture that we can have when we help and support one another. We are thankful for the family-like culture that our Newnan team has fostered!

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