Part of Northwest Exterminating that’s unique is that all 35+ of our service centers actively look for ways to honor our customers. Recently, our Monroe team came together to help an elderly customer who was struggling to get her yard work done.

Our teammate, James R., noticed the yard work that needed to be done. After talking with our customer about it, he learned that she had no one to help her and had been trying to do it herself. After James got back to the office, he got others together to go out and help finish this yard work.

Whether it’s helping carry in groceries, cleaning out gutters, or fixing flat tires, our teammates are always finding ways to lead with a servant’s heart and show how much we care for our customers. We’re thankful for teammates like our Monroe office who are able to see or hear a customer concern and look for ways to make even a small, positive impact. Seeing the team coming together to support our customers is what being extraordinary is all about for Northwest, and we’re grateful for a team that continues to keep their eyes open for ways to keep our customers first and serve them even better.

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