With our mission to create healthier living and working environments, every Northwest team strives to make a difference for their customers through innovative green services and extraordinary care. To ensure this standard of service is achieved, each of our Northwest teams are consistently evaluated by our own internal process. While every team takes great pride in their fieldwork, paperwork, customer service, vehicle, equipment, and personal appearance, it was the Canton team that received the Quality Assurance Team of the Year award after extraordinary quality scores all year.

Our Canton Team is grateful for this honor, as they have made it a priority to create a positive working atmosphere to ensure they honor their customers and teammates. This award is meant to recognize teammates who keep safety, innovation, and service top of mind, and the Canton team certainly embodies this and each of Northwest’s 24 service standards.

Being proud is an understatement when describing how Daniel Frangione, Canton Service Center Supervisor, feels about the team receiving this award.  “Our Northwest Service Standards provide a blueprint to being extraordinary. The Canton Team has put in the hard work and dedication to represent the standard of what an extraordinary Team is. I am extremely proud of each one of our team members in the field and in our office for achieving this award. Thank you, Canton Team,” stated Daniel when asked about the award.

The Canton Team displays many qualities that benefit all our Northwest teammates, and they have become a Service Center that we can all look to for inspiration. We are so grateful for the efforts Canton put into place for their customers and teammates!




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