South Florida Bird Control

As much as we enjoy the beauty of birds, they can start to become a nuisance when they destroy our property. These creatures will often leave behind their droppings, harming your home and posing a health threat. Learn more about the hazards birds can pose to your home and how you can deter them away.

Bird Droppings

Seeing bird droppings all throughout our property is never ideal, causing considerable damage. Their droppings can corrode and stain roofing, gutters, paints, shingles, and more. Other bird damage includes electrical equipment, causing costly repairs. While their droppings can be overall irritating to clean, they are also known to carry over 60 diseases including E. coli, salmonellosis, and cryptococcosis.

Bird Nesting

When birds create their nest in your home, the location can cause noise and further damage. Their nests will clog gutters, cause roof damage, block chimneys or air ducks, ruin insulation, and more. Birds nest may also carry various pests such as lice, mites, and other insects that could potentially invade your home.

Preventing Birds

There are some easy, do-it-yourself preventative measures that every homeowner can place around their property to help deter birds away including:

  • Install a decoy bird in your yard such as owl, hawks, or falcon statues.
  • Place wind chimes or ultrasonic noise machines throughout your property
  • Clean any spilled grains or birdseed from feeders daily
  • Block all openings in your home, including lofts, vents, and windowsills
  • Consider contacting a professional pest control company in South Florida who can provide you with a customized inspection and treatment plan


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