We are consistently reminded just how much the smallest act can have the biggest impact! Recently, a Lawrenceville teammate noticed a customer’s yard and how it needed a bit of care and attention. The teammate has established a long-term relationship with the customer and knew that caring for this lawn on the customer’s own was incredibly difficult for her. Our teammate brought the concern back to the whole team, and they came together to rake up and care for the customers yard one day after hours.  

The service team and Service Center Manager all helped out and had the yard looking great by the end. The customer was thankful for the time and attention paid outside of her usual pest control service. When asked about this small act of kindness and why they went out as a team to support this customer, the Lawrenceville GDT Ambassador said, “Northwest is truly a family. We want our customers to feel like they are family as well.”  

To create extraordinary experiences for our customers means noticing the small things and getting to know them personally, not just for the partnership for pest protection but also because our customers are our neighbors and community members. We’re thankful to our Lawrenceville team for taking the time to support this customer and for all they do to keep their eyes open to serve.  

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