South Florida Rodent Control

While rodents are known to infest during the winter months that doesn’t mean they won’t sneak into your Florida home during the summer months. Once inside, rodents can cause significant damage to your home, including destroying insulation, chewing electrical wires, and leaving their droppings behind. Every homeowner should be aware of the types of rodents popular to their area and how to prevent them from infesting.

Norway Rats

Norway rats are larger rats with hairless tails and grey coloring. These rats tend to be ground dwellers, meaning they like to habitat in sewers or burrows, especially within the coastal communities in Florida. You can usually find their nests near homes or businesses, as they will forage for food in open garbage cans. These rats find their way inside through entry points close to the ground, such as your indoor plumbing drain system. Once infested, a female Norway rat will produce tons of offspring, growing an infestation very quickly!

Roof Rats

Smaller than Norway rats, a roof rat can weigh a half a pound or less! These rats are usually identified by their tail as it is longer than the distance of their body. Because of their slender body and longer tail, they are great at climbing, utilizing this skill to climb onto roofs through trees, shrubs, or power lines, typically nesting in the attics. These rats tend to stay in a familiar area, avoiding exploration. If an area provides shelter and a food source, they will stay close or habitat there.

House Mouse

Ranging from 5 to 7 inches in length, a house mouse has a long, rough tail with light brown to black coloring. These creatures are also known to be great climbers with a keen sense of hearing, touch, taste, and smell! The house mouse is known to live around homes, farms, and businesses. When they find a food source, they will establish a territory 10 to 30 feet in size. If they infest a home, they will gnaw on surfaces to wear them down, causing extensive damage and contamination.

If you have a rodent infestation or want to get on top of rodent prevention, reach out to your South Florida wildlife control company for a Rodent Control Inspection and Estimate.

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