Recently, our Miami Service Center participated in a walk/run with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to honor Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This marks the third year they have participated in the walk/run, as they believe this is an opportunity to help create a hopeful future to end childhood cancer. Many of our teammates are passionate about not only supporting local organizations but also ones specific to supporting children, so having teammates come together from multiple South Florida service centers for such a great cause was incredible. This was the team’s first year participating in the walk/run as Northwest, and the Northwest team truly appreciated being able to support our SFL team even from states away. The Mouse was even able to make an appearance!
St Jude 1

Our Miami team believes, “When you are there for the community, the community is there for you.” Being able to make memories while supporting St. Jude’s mission and joining many more who share the same vision is a big why behind this yearly commitment. The teammates enjoyed getting to make a difference while spending time together supporting St. Jude.

Teammates and their families from across the South Florida offices participated in the walk/run, with The Northwest Mouse making its appearance for the first time! This was the team’s first year supporting St. Jude as part of the Northwest Family. Co-Directors of the Good Deed Team, as well as other Northwest teammates came to support our South Florida team, and it was a great first event to be able to do together. We are so grateful for a team who makes time to give back to and support our local communities in big and small ways.
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St. Jude has been a leader in the understanding and treatment of childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases since 1962. With multiple historical milestones under the hospital’s belt, they have been able to provide world-class service to children who suffer from unspeakable diseases. With the help of our South Florida team, the hospital was able to move a step closer to an overall cure.

If you wish to learn more about St. Jude and how you can help end childhood cancer, visit here:

All images courtesy of Silently Loud Photography.

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