One of the unique things about the Northwest Good Deed Team is the flexibility available to each of our 1,000+ teammates across the Southeast. While there are large, regional initiatives to be a part of, each team and teammate is encouraged to get involved in what matters most to them to make a difference in their local area.

Katie, the Stockbridge Good Deed Team Ambassador, spearheaded an initiative to donate supplies and food to the Butts County Animal Control. The organization supports the removal of stray, uncared for animals from the community to rehome them to proper shelters and ensure they’re cared for and become future pets. Katie dropped off dried and wet food, blankets, and other items as a donation.

We’re thankful for Northwest teammates who look for ways to support their local communities. We also appreciate all that the Butts County Animal Control does to help. We look forward to more initiatives to come this year!

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