Smokybrown cockroaches are commonly found in the southeastern United States, from central Texas eastward to Florida and as far north as North Carolina. They prefer living in areas that are warm and have high humidity, preferring wooded areas where they are often found under mulch or in tree holes.

The smokybrown cockroach is about 1.5 inches long and has a dark brown to black body. They have a distinctive mahogany color, which is why they are sometimes called mahogany cockroaches. They are also known for their ability to fly, which makes them more difficult to control than other types of cockroaches.

What are the signs of a smokybrown cockroach infestation?

Typically found outdoors, these nocturnal creatures are most sighted in:

  • Ground coverings, such as ivy
  • Landscaping beds
  • In and around gutters and in between siding on home and structures

More signs of these roaches include roach droppings and egg cases. The smokybrown egg casing can appear dark brown to black in coloring.

How serious of a problem is the smokybrown roach?

Being attracted to interior lights, they can enter your home through openings in windows, doors, and other gaps. They can contaminate any surfaces they touch, spreading bacteria. Proteins found in these types of roaches may also trigger asthma or allergic reactions.

If you see an increase of roaches in your home be sure to reach out to your local pest control company for a customized pest control plan to keep your home pest-free!

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