In the spirit of the holiday season, our LaGrange team recently had the incredible opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the lives of a local family facing tough times. It all began when one of our service professionals, Chad Pannell, was approached by a pest control customer seeking help with a rodent issue affecting a particular family.

As the details unfolded, we discovered that this was a single mother navigating life with six children. Our team decided to step in and bring some holiday cheer to this family. They were able to contact the mom to gather wish lists for each child and herself.

Each member of our team contributed to creating a Christmas filled with warmth and joy for this family. From clothes to toys, they pooled their resources to ensure that every child, spanning ages 6 to 15, had a special gift to unwrap on Christmas morning. Our efforts extended beyond the little ones, allowing us to provide thoughtful items for the deserving mother as well.

The gifts were delivered just in time for Christmas, bringing smiles and a sense of relief to this family facing challenges. The LaGrange Northwest Team has a history of supporting families in need, whether through word of mouth or participating in programs like the angel tree. We’re grateful for teammates who continuously put Customers First. We can’t wait to see what they’re able to accomplish this year!

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