Mosquitoes can quickly turn a pleasant evening in your yard into an itchy nightmare! These pesky bugs thrive in Florida’s warm, humid climate, and can often be active almost year-round! One of the best ways you can avoid their infestation is placing easy, do-it-yourself preventative measures throughout your property to avoid them! Here are some of our favorite strategies to reduce mosquitoes around your Florida property.

Effective Strategies to Reduce Mosquito Activity

Eliminate Standing Water

Mosquitoes need standing water to breed and need only a cap-sized amount of water to do so. It’s important to eliminate any standing water throughout your home. Look to remove items from your yard that can hold water, including buckets, toys, unused flowerpots, pet bowls, etc. Likewise, fix any leaky pipes and clear your gutters of leaves and debris so they do not clog.

Keep your Yard Clean & Tidy

Your yard is the first line of defense against mosquitoes taking over your property. Mosquitoes will rest in dense vegetation, so it’s important to keep your lawn well-trimmed, bushes and shrubs pruned. Additionally, continue your lawn maintenance by mowing your grass frequently. If you store wood, look to place it at least 20 feet from your home and elevated off the ground.

Create a Barrier

Mosquitoes are small, fitting in the smallest hole or gap leading indoors. Ensure that all your windows and doors are fitted with screens to prevent them from entering the home. Likewise, for your outdoor areas, consider using mosquito nets or screens around patios and porches to avoid their infestation.

Consider Professional Help

Do-it-yourself mosquito prevention can only go so far, especially if mosquitoes have infested in droves. If there has been an influx of mosquitoes on your property, consider calling a professional mosquito control company near you for help. These experts will provide you with a mosquito control plan, usually including a thorough inspection, mosquito reduction plan, treatment to eliminate adult and larva mosquitoes, and recommendations on preventing mosquitoes in the future.

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