Identifying Common Signs of Bed Bugs and Effective Pest Control

Identifying Common Signs of Bed Bugs and Effective Pest Control

Bed bugs are the unwelcome guests that can ruin your sleep and take over your home. These tiny, apple seed shaped insects can easily infest your home without warning by hitchhiking via your luggage or other personal belongings. To help you prevent bed bugs, let’s go over the common signs of bed bugs and how to effectively manage them as pests.

Common Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Unexplained Bites: One of the most common signs of a bed bug infestation is waking up with itchy, red welts on your skin. These bites often appear in clusters and are usually found on exposed areas such as arms, legs, neck, and face. Not everyone reacts the same way to bed bug bites, so an absence of bites doesn’t always mean an absence of bed bugs.
  • Bloodstains on Bedding: As bed bugs feed on your blood, they can leave behind reddish-brown stains on your sheets and pillowcases. This is typically a result of crushed bed bugs or blood-filled fecal matter.
  • Musty Odor: Bed bugs release a distinctive, sweet, and musty odor that can be unpleasant to most. If you notice this scent in your bedroom or other areas of your home, it can be a clear sign of infestation.
  • Live Bed Bugs: The most obvious of the signs for having bed bugs is finding live bugs. Adult bed bugs are the size of an apple seed, reddish-brown, and oval shaped. Nymphs are smaller and lighter in color.

Effective Strategies to Rid Your Home of Bed Bugs

  • Maintenance: The first step in managing a bed bug infestation is to declutter and thoroughly clean the affected areas. Vacuum your mattress, box spring, and any nearby furniture with a brush attachment to dislodge any bed bugs or eggs. Be sure to discard all vacuum debris outside of your home!
  • Isolation: Once you discover the area that is affected, isolate whatever piece of furniture or room to prevent further infestation.
  • Professional Pest Control: While some DIY methods can be beneficial, bed bugs are notorious for being a challenging pest to rid your home from. Bed bug control professionals can pinpoint the affected area and get your home back to a pest-free environment! Call your local pest control company for a free quote!

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