Crane Flies – Are Those Giant Mosquitoes?!

Crane Flies – Are Those Giant Mosquitoes?!

Imagine sitting outside, enjoying the weather with family, when you notice what looks to be a mosquito but it’s massive! No, this isn’t a super-sized mosquito, though it may look like one; it’s just a crane fly. Mosquitoes and crane flies can look very similar to one another, though they are very different by nature.

Crane flies can be black, red, or yellow in color depending on their species. Their wings can be transparent, brown, grayish-black or even brownish-yellow. They typically have extremely long legs and elongated faces opposed to the much smaller body of the mosquito. Active in the fall and spring, these creatures enjoy lawns near wooded areas or open fields where the females can lay eggs in the grass. They also tend to increase in numbers when there is a surge of dampness or heavy rainfall.

While mosquitoes can be considered a threat since they are known to survive off the blood of warm-blooded creatures, crane flies are deemed harmless and even gentle creatures.  The only real damage that a crane fly can cause is in their larvae state after hatching when they will typically eat grass roots, leaving large brown patches on the lawn.

If you happen to see crane flies roaming around in your yard, don’t be too alarmed as they are no real threat to human health. If you are noticing more mosquitoes flying around, though, that could be a concern. It’s always best to contact a local pest control company who can help identify these pests and suggest a treatment plan if needed.

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