Crawl Space Solutions Offered by Northwest Exterminating

Crawl Space Solutions Offered by Northwest Exterminating

One of the best ways to increase efficiency, prevent moisture growth, and control pests in your crawl space is by completely enclosing it. This can eventually save you up to 18% on your utility bills! Northwest also offers an innovative sealant for your crawl space if you’re not ready to jump on a full encapsulation or if you want extra protection.

Crawl Space Enclosure

There are several benefits to enclosing your crawlspace. The one benefit many look forward to is saving on their energy bill. The moisture in your crawlspace can affect the moisture in your home. It can cause the HVAC unit or furnace to run longer when trying to keep your home warm, which means more electricity usage.

Another great benefit is the prevention of moisture build-up and odor. If left open, high moisture levels can cause moisture growth, posing a health risk to you and your family, and potentially causing an odor throughout your home.

CrawlSpace Seal

If you don’t want to get your crawl space encapsulated or you want extra protection, then this service is a great option for you.

CrawlSpace Seal helps to reduce moisture in the wood that’s located in your crawl space and supports a healthier living environment for your home. This alternative moisture sealant is a perfect complement to our other CrawlSpace Solutions to create additional home protection.

If you think your crawl space is in need of some attention, then give your local CrawlSpace Care company a call to schedule an inspection today!

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