One of Northwest Exterminating's Finest: Elmer Utley

Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Utley

Northwest has been blessed with a work family of committed, hard working, and dedicated team members over the years.  Through all these years, few have been better than Elmer Utley, or Mr. Utley, as he is called throughout Northwest.  Mr. Utley met the Phillips family at Smyrna Church of Christ after moving to Georgia from Virginia in 1954.  The Utleys and the Phillips became quite close over the years as the two families attended church together and became starters of Greater Atlanta Christian School.  Louise Utley, Mr. Utley’s wife, worked at Northwest for almost 40 years before finally retiring.  So it was our privilege that after Mr. Utley decided that retirement wasn’t for him, he came to work at Northwest Exterminating.  14 years later he has been an example of a hard working, kind, God loving man to all of us at Northwest Exterminating.

On Saturday, July 21, Mr. Utley celebrated his 89th birthday!  At 89 years old he is still at the office bright and early (2 am to be exact) every morning.  He works 40 hours a week while still taking care of his beloved Louise who has trouble going outside the house due to lower abdominal pain and macular degeneration.

Mr. Utley’s granddaughter recently submitted an article to Faulkner University’s Our Families Magazine to tell the story of her grandparent’s 69 year marriage.  After we asked Mr. Utley about his 6 week courtship with Mrs. Utley he said “I wasted 6 weeks”.  Their story is one to look up to, a hopeful story that we don’t always hear about.

Throughout the years, Mr. and Mrs. Utley, both of their daughters, and both son-in-laws have all been a part of Northwest Exterminating.  We are lucky to have the Utley family as part of our Northwest family!

To read the article “Elmer and Louise Utley: 69 Years and Counting” follow the link below and go to page 17.

Who is the hardest working person you know?


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