Pests in your Mother's Day Flowers?

Mothers, there is a good chance that you may be getting flowers this Sunday!  Flowers are a beautiful gift that bring light and happiness to a person’s day when they are the lucky recipient.  But holidays like this Sunday’s Mother’s Day, or Valentine’s Day, brings lots of work for US Customs and Border Protection workers.  For Mother’s Day, an estimated 40 million flowers will be examined for pests.

Plants are often imported from other countries and can carry pests or even diseases.  According to msnbc, “On a typical day, the CBP seizes about 4,436 prohibited plant, meat and animal byproducts and finds 570 agricultural pests from abroad that could harm US agriculture.” (Source)

Read Getting the bugs out–literally–of Mother’s Day flowers at LAX on for more information on the inspection of plants that are being imported into the US.

Now you can appreciate that beautiful bouquet that you get on Sunday even more knowing all of the hard work that goes into them.  They have been thoroughly checked, put together, and purchased with LOVE!

Northwest Exterminating would like to wish all the moms a Happy Mother’s Day and say Thank You for all that you do!!

What was your favorite Mother’s Day gift?


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